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How To Calibrate Your Newline Interactive Touch Screen With Windows 10

Today, there are more touchscreen laptops and interactive boards on the market than ever before. Maybe your school or employer makes use of them, or maybe you have considered purchasing one yourself. Although the Microsoft Surface is the flagship device of the Windows 10 touchscreen, it is not the only device on which Windows 10 touchscreen can be used. 


In this article, we teach you how to calibrate your newline interactive touch screen with Windows 10. 

Why Touchscreen Laptops and Interactive Boards?

If you are considering getting a touchscreen laptop or interactive board – whether it is for personal or work use – here are some common reasons why many people are hopping on-board these days:

  • Interactive boards can be connected not just to laptops and computers, but any Android and iOS smart device like tablets and phones. This allows for interconnectivity between multiple devices, making it easier to “carry” information around with you at all times.
  • Interactive displays facilitate better communication and collaboration in schools and workplaces, especially during times of social distancing and remote working arrangements. Simply showing a PowerPoint presentation during virtual meetings does not encourage participation amongst team members, but when you make use of an interactive board, discussion and collaboration can take place actively. 

Calibrate Your Windows 10 Touchscreen

The process of calibrating your Newline Interactive Touch Screen With Windows 10 touchscreen is simple. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Open the control panel and click on “Tablet PC Settings”. Alternatively, you can type in “Calibrate the screen for pen and touch input”. 
  • Once you have done either of the above, a window will pop out for Tablet PC settings. If you have configured a pen device, there will be three tabs: Display, Pen and Other. If not, there will only be two tabs.
  • Click on the “Calibrate” button under the “Display” tab.
  • Once you click on it, your screen will go white and a window displaying instructions will pop up. Simply follow the process through to the end where you will be prompted to save the results.
  • Now, your screen will be more responsive and your touches more accurate!

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