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How Leasing a Printer Can Save Your Business Money

If you’re running a business that demands a lot of printing and photocopying every day, having a quality printer in your office is essential. However, the cost of printers today can be very high – up to $10,000 in fact. Part of running a successful business is careful budgeting, and leasing a printer is one way of making your budget go further. Let’s take a look at the ways in which leasing a printer can save your business money.


No Large Upfront Investment

Many businesses simply don’t have the financial legroom to make the initial investment in a high-quality printer. That’s where leasing a printer can make a big difference. Most printer leasing services have monthly payment plans where you can pay for your printer as you go, saving you money that you can put towards growing your business.  

No Maintenance Costs

Even the most expensive printers will eventually malfunction or stop working altogether. When your office has bought the printer outright, you’re completely out of luck when it breaks down. You have to go out and buy a new printer immediately at an exorbitant price, and the money you spent on the original piece of equipment goes completely down the drain. 

Leasing a Kyocera printer from an office equipment leasing service means you don’t have to worry about this situation ever happening. In fact, the leasing service will provide a maintenance plan to repair the copier whenever it malfunctions, at no cost to your business. 

Affordable Upgrades

Succeeding in business today is all about being up with the newest technology. New models of printers are released regularly, meaning your office printer will eventually become out of date. What’s worse, once a manufacturer takes a model of printer off the market, the software and hardware updates that you may need simply won’t be available. 

Choosing a leasing plan for a Kyocera printer is a much more viable option when it comes to staying up-to-date without the associated cost of buying new equipment every few years. Printer leasing services will give you the opportunity to upgrade your machine whenever new models become available. 

Leasing a Printer Lets You Spend Your Budget Wiser

There are so many costs involving running an office, and the cost of buying, maintaining, and replacing your Printer doesn’t need to be such a financial burden. At Ameritechnology, we offer printer leasing services at highly competitive rates, providing your business with the latest brands and models of printers and servicing them whenever necessary. 

Contact us today and start saving money on your printing and copying needs! 

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