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How Do Business Copiers Help Boost Productivity In Offices?

Years ago, owning a copier was all about just that – printing copies. Be it for homework sheets, legal documents or finance spreadsheets, a copier would not be used for much more than producing copies. However, if that’s all your copier is doing for you today, you could well be missing out on a ton of productivity hacks, saving valuable time and money for your business. You may or may not already be aware of this, but as the world moved from paper documents to digital filing systems, copiers followed suit. Below are some ways business copiers can help boost productivity in your office that you may have never thought about. 

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Mobile Apps

Did you know that many copiers today come with a corresponding app that enables you to do plenty of things? For instance, you can scan a document straight into your email inbox or print directly from your mobile app! If you aren’t already making use of this feature, imagine the amount of time you can save! If a copier doesn’t come with a corresponding app, many manufacturers come with the flexibility of allowing users to make their own. 

Customizable Shortcuts and Interfaces

Most copiers allow user interfaces to be customized right down to the specifications of each user. With each user having their own account to login to the copier, you can further customize this according to individual needs, making the interface a one-touch screen of most commonly used features.

Improved Security and User Authorization 

No matter what industry you are in, security is an issue for any business. We can never be too careful in today’s digital world – it’s easier than ever before for hackers to gain access to confidential information. You can set up your business copier to require a PIN or any other form of authentication from users. This not only allows you to keep track of all activity, it also prevents any unauthorized persons from gaining access to your copier. Furthermore, to solve the problem of accidentally picking up a printout that isn’t yours, you can turn on pull printing to ensure that documents are only released when the user is at the printer. 

Start A Digital Filing System 

This may sound ironic but hear us out. The “scan” function on your copier can be put to great use by converting hard-copy documents into digital ones. Instead of photocopying multiple physical copies to be handed out to employees, scan the document and pop it into their inboxes instead. When done consistently over time, you are well on your way to shifting your business to a digital filing system.

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