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How Can MyQ Help Reduce Printing Costs for My Business?

Cut costs and maintain quality with MyQ printing software solutions.

The MyQ print management software helps companies reduce printing costs by gathering and analyzing data and insights, providing detailed reporting, enabling a worry-free print experience, and optimizing overall office-based printing processes. MyQ offers system administrators a quick, user-friendly, secure way to navigate their printer fleet status, user behavior, and more. MyQ is compatible with most major print manufacturers including Kyocera, HP, Dell, Sharp, and Samsung. Our goal is to use printer management software to keep your organization running seamlessly 24/7 without a hitch.

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The MyQ print management software starts by having users work with the MyQ Admin Dashboard and set it up according to their needs. To help better control printer fleets and remove unnecessary administration, MyQ has MyQ Alert Management notifications to make administrators aware of printer fleet issues. Several printer fleet issues that the MyQ Alert Management feature would call out include device errors, low toner levels, lack of paper, and other printer fleet issues that could impact your organization’s ability to continue at optimal efficiency. 

Partnering with a reputable managed print solutions provider is one of the best ways any business that relies on printing can reduce overhead costs. All types of industries can benefit from streamlining their printer fleet management. Some of the most common industries that utilize managed print services include schools and education, government, healthcare, finance, food & beverage, and construction. By engaging the services of a third-party provider to take on all printing responsibilities, businesses not only streamline and simplify the printing process, but they are also better able to stay on top of device updates, printer usage, server connections, and so much more. 

Instead of relying on individual personnel and risking human error, the automated reporting features of MyQ print management software keeps companies well informed. Detailed, accurate, and automatic printing reports from printers like Kyocera provide precise accounts of the number of documents printed, scanned, and copied. With a personalized UI, administrators can choose to get this information by user or device for a more systemized approach to analyzing data. This helps organizations better understand where the bulk of their printed documents are coming from. They can then use that information to determine if these documents are useful or would be better suited for digital formats.

Using MyQ Solution for managed print services is the preferred way SMB and large enterprise businesses drive efficiency and reduce costs. This print management software helps companies manage their printer fleets by providing them with intelligent insights about their devices in real time. This leads to more secure devices and more overall productivity. 

In addition to accurate and timely reporting, MyQ has a host of other features that make it versatile and easy to manage. Mobile printing allows users to manage their printing devices both in the office or on the go. Users can even direct print from their OneDrive, Google Drive, or other cloud storages right from a smartphone, tablet, or PC. The advanced security features mean admins can set MFPs on the network to release jobs after authentication, add watermarks for confidentiality, and comply with all relevant security policies. Learn more about how your organization can reduce printing costs, digitize your workplace, and potentially improve your bottom line with MyQ Solution at Ameritechnology. Our managed print solutions are designed to help all kinds of businesses. For more information, please feel free to contact us or email We look forward to helping you!

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