• A0: 841mm X 1189mm
  • A1: 594mm X 841mm
  • A2: 420mm X 594mm
  • A3: 297mm X 420mm
  • A4: 210mm X 297mm
  • A5: 148mm X 210mm
  • A6: 105mm X 148mm
  • A7: 74mm X 105mm
  • A8: 52mm X 74mm

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Remedy Black Ink Printer

What To Do When Your Printer Leaves Black Lines Or Smudges On Paper

It can be frustrating when your printed documents come out with black lines or smudges all over the pages, particularly if you need it for something urgent. In addition, these smudges can have a pattern to them or they can be completely random. There are some steps you can take to prevent this problem from happening in good time so…

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Reduce MFP Expense

Reducing MFP Expenses With Kyocera Printers

A multifunction printer (MFP) may be an expense your business cannot afford to cut out, however there are several ways to save on additional costs that can be incurred. When you do your research and are clear about your company’s goals, reducing MFP expenses with your Kyocera printers is very doable. In this article, we lay out the additional costs…

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