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Finding the right technology partner

What to look for when seeking the assistance of a technology partner.

Whether you’re looking to replace a piece of hardware or completely revamp the entire office workflow it is important to find the right technology partner to help your organization.


Here are some important considerations when seeking a technology partner and what they should be doing for you.

The most important part of the process is the evaluation. Any professional technology partner will not only take the time to understand what you are doing, but also must take the time to completely explore every part of your business before making recommendations.
Direct Access
This entire process takes a team; it’s never about just the consultant. Make sure that you not only have access to all of the players, but especially a clear directive from upper management from your technology partner. Make certain that everyone from the top right on down needs to be invested in your project.
Is your potential technology partner hearing your concerns? Are they responsive to your needs and fully understand your objectives? Make sure they hear what you’re saying and not just telling you what they think you want to hear.
Once all of the pieces have been fit together make sure that a customized a comprehensive solution is offered based on your needs. No “cookie cutter” quotes! Make sure the proper time is put into the needs.
Increase Efficiency
The solution that your technology partners develop for you should always present ways to increase workflow efficiency and productivity. Without the benefit of these very important aspects, the solution is just another expense.
Higher Profitability
We all understand that spending money on technology is generally an expense for your business. Does it always have to be? No! With the right solution your technology partner can show you how spending a little upfront can potentially save you thousands of dollars in other areas. This could make this decision one of the simplest of your business career.

Take the time to interview many potential technology partners. Find out who really wants to earn your business. Understand this process will take time and additional time will be required to get to the right solution. Don’t be cheap with your time either! Taking the time upfront will not only pay off in dividends, it could actually generate an additional source of income if done properly.

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