What are managed print services?

Many businesses engage managed print services to manage their company’s document output. Here is more information about what managed print services are.

Managed Print Services

Print providers usually offer managed services in order to optimize a company’s document output. This service helps to manage all the printing devices in the company, including scanners, printers, copiers and faxes. Print providers also track how the copier, printer and fax is being used, and monitor the level of customer’s satisfaction. If there are any hardware issues or problems that arise from printing, the print provider will usually take care of it as well.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

  • Analyze the company’s printing needs: Providers of managed print services help analyze the print fleet, and implements appropriate equipment at competitive prices. The analysis will cover all aspects of a company’s printing needs like copying, scanning, faxing and printing.
  • Eliminate inefficient devices: Providers can also help analyze data and pinpoint underperforming devices. These devices can then be replaced with devices that are more efficient.
  • Minimize the number of local printers needed: Local printers are inefficient and costly. They usually only service one user which is not practical. With managed print services, the number of local printers in the office can be reduced.
  • Never run low on supply: With an MPS program, you do not need to order toner cartridges by yourself. These services monitor your printers and will automatically deliver toner to your business when the toner levels in the machines are low.



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