My office has an existing copier, but I would like to lease a different brand, e.g., Kyocera. Can Ameritechnology assist with the termination and/or buyout of the old lease?

You may find that your business’s needs have changed between the time you signed your current lease agreement and now. You may be thinking of upgrading to a better copier or leasing one from a different brand, and while it’s a fairly common occurrence, there’s your current lease agreement to think of. At Ameritechnology, we can assist businesses with the buying out of their old leases.

How this works is that we get you out of your old lease agreement by paying your service provider the amount that is due. This amount gets rolled into your lease agreement with us. One way to think about it is refinancing your equipment. Rolling out your payments over the next few years, you get the chance to upgrade to a copier that will better serve your needs.

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