How to set up a small business computer network?

Small businesses do not have the same needs as big corporations, and that applies when it comes to setting up your computer network as well. Below are some helpful tips for small businesses looking to set up a computer network that suits their needs:

  • Decide on an Internet service provider: Most businesses find that their local provider is the best option. Bigger companies tend to go with business-focused providers.
  • Get your network set up: Once you have decided on a provider, get Internet set up in your office. This can take days or even weeks. In all likelihood, there will be a modem and router involved in your setup. A modem converts Internet signal from the cable into a signal that your network can use, whereas a router connects all the devices in your office to the signal. Depending on your needs, you can choose either a wired or wireless router or both. Some small businesses find that a wireless router is sufficient, however most businesses go for both. Wired routers come with Ethernet cables to connect to each computer, so make sure each desk has space for a hard wire if you choose this option.
  • Connect your computers: Now that your network is set up, it is time to connect your computers. If you have chosen a wireless network, the process is fairly straightforward: simply select your network and enter the password. For wired connections, you will need to connect the Ethernet cable to the router and each computer. 
  • Add printers and other devices: For wired networks, you will also need to plug in your printers and other devices to the router. To connect a wireless device, follow the instructions in the setup guide of the printer.

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