How do I ensure a secure workforce during “work from home”?

As workforces increasingly rely on IT systems for everyday operations, security has become a top concern. The most straightforward way to ensure a secure workforce when working remotely is to engage a service provider that can help manage IT security. Here are some other ways you can ensure a secure workforce when working remotely.

  • Ensure application gateway is secure: Use an application gateway that can act as a proxy. This helps to protect the employee’s computer behind a firewall. This also allows the security team to better understand what is going on when computers are used at home, and what apps employees are using and more.
  • Use multifactor authentication: For those who are accessing the most sensitive and key information of your business, ensure that they are using multifactor authentication. However, you need to also check that enabling multifactor authentication does not prevent anyone from working remotely. This should be tested with a small group first.
  • Use HTTPS: Enforce a rule that HTTPS must be used on all sites to make sure that browsing of the internet is done securely.
  • Ensure endpoint activity is tracked: As much as possible, ensure that enterprise tools needed to detect and protect from malicious activities on the endpoint are installed on all devices issued by the company. This includes endpoint protection such as DLP and EDR.
  • Distribute home security tips to employees: Provide employees with a list of tips on how they can enhance their home network security. For example, they should install endpoint protection on their devices and use a secure DNS service for their network equipment and computers. 

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