How can I check my printer ink levels?

When you are regularly printing documents in bulk, it may be helpful to know the printer ink levels so that you can get a rough gauge of when you need to change your ink cartridges. Are you confused about how you can check your printer ink levels? Here are some steps you can follow in order to check the level of ink left in your printer.

  • Checking from the printing device: How you are able to check the ink levels in your printer depends on what brand your printer is from and which model you own. However, most printers should be able to show or even print you a report about its supplies. This is usually a function that can be found on the device’s menu. If your printing device does not have a display, you should be able to generate a report when you press a combination of buttons. Check out the manual or machine user guide for more information about the combination of buttons you need to press.
  • Checking from the device driver: You will also be able to check the printer ink levels through the device driver. Device drivers are usually found in the ‘devices’ or ‘printer’ section of your computer. Alternatively, you can log into the web interface if your machine is connected on the network. This can be done by inputting the machine’s IP address into a web browser. From the web interface, you should be able to see the printer ink levels.

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