How can I add my printer to my computer?

Adding a printer to your computer makes things extremely convenient as you will be able to print things straight from your device with the click of a button. Here are some ways you can add a printer to your computer and start printing from your device.

Adding a Printer via USB Cable

  • Using the USB cable, connect your printer to your computer. Turn your printer on.
  • In the ‘Start’ menu, click the settings app.
  • Then, click devices.
  • From the menu, click ‘add a printer or scanner’.
  • If your computer is able to detect the printer, click on the name of your printer. Instructions should appear on the screen. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and finish the installation and you will be done adding a local printer to your computer.
  • If your printer does not appear, click ‘the printer that I want isn’t listed’ and then follow the troubleshooting guide.

Adding a Wireless Printer

Generally, many modern, wireless printers will be able to detect your device’s network and install itself automatically.

  • Enter the wireless setup on the printer’s panel. This can usually be found under the ‘setup’ or ‘settings’ section.
  • Select your home’s wifi network. You should know the SSID of your home network. If not, hover your mouse over the wifi icon in the taskbar to find out.
  • Key in the password of your network.
  • You have successfully added your wireless printer. Under the ‘printers and scanners’ section, you should be able to find the printer automatically added.

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