Can I scan a document from a mobile device?

Scanning documents with a mobile device is an extremely convenient way to send documents anytime you need to. With their built-in cameras, mobile devices are able to capture scans of documents in high quality, which makes the entire process even quicker than reaching for a traditional scanner. Here is how you can scan a document from a mobile device.

  • Download a scanner app: Scanner apps are able to covert documents into pdf files. Without the scanner app, the in-built cameras in your phone are not able to convert the text into a pdf file. There are many applications available on the app store for you to download on your mobile device. Check out your app store for the scanner apps available for your phone.
  • Place the document on a flat surface: Placing the document on a flat surface will ensure the scanned file turns out well, with all the information visible. You can place the document on a table or a desk, or even the floor.
  • Open the scanner app on your mobile device: Instructions should appear on the screen when you open the app. The specifics will vary depending on the app you download. However, most apps will tell you to position the mobile device directly above the document, and to take a photo with the app’s in-built camera.
  • You have successfully scanned a document with your mobile device: The document will be saved either as a PDF file or an image, depending on what you opt for. After scanning the document, you can send it to someone who needs it, upload to your laptop or just leave it on your mobile device for future reference.

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