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Doctor’s office saves with Kyocera solution

Busy Doctor’s office saves thousands in output costs with Kyocera MFP

Recently we had the opportunity to help a growing doctor’s office saves thousands of dollars by showing them the cost saving features of a Kyocera copier/MFP. By changing the way they utilized their current systems and improving their workflow, they were not only able to save hard dollars, they were also able to improve the processes which will further save them in personnel costs down the road.


The Problem:

Much of the paperwork that was being produced in the office needed to be seen by multiple staff members, so the easy solution was to make multiple copies. This caused a tremendous amount of paper and more often than not redundancy. They also received more than 100 faxes per day that was slowing their office equipment to a grinding stand still.

The Solution:

We provided the office with a Kyocera TA3010i and an Ecosys M3540idn to replace three “big box” brand all-in-ones both equipped with workflow applications and fax kits. With the workflow application we are able to navigate a single document through the office for each responsible employee to act upon before moving it along to the next. If that document stagnates too long at any one particular stop, a warning is sent to a manger to intervene and restart its flow. No more printing out multiple pages, hoping each employee will perform their specified task on a timely basis, and move things along. Now, everything is automated and forms never sit more than 20 minutes at any given stop. We also automated their incoming faxes! By utilizing phone number identifiers, we are able to route each fax to the right person, never needed to be printed, and arriving much quicker than ever.

The Savings:

Although the initial costs to lease the equipment and software were more than they were initially comfortable with, by showing how the reduced output could save thousands of dollars in “soft” costs; it was really a “no brainer”. After many visits back to ensure a proper utilization of the system, we discovered (quite by accident) this doctor’s office will now be able to grow an additional 30% without the need to hire additional personnel. Conservative estimates reveal that this busy doctor’s office will save in the neighborhood of $30,000 over the course of the next 36 months! That is huge.

This was certainly an example of a mammoth combination workflow and equipment change savings. We were able to show how this Doctor’s office saves! Will all similar cases see these results? Maybe not, but even if we can save you on third the amount that was saved in this example, isn’t it worth 15 minutes of your time to find out?

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