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Do You Know How To Find Your Printer IP Address?

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Printer Address

After you have purchased your printer, you may wish to find out what your printer’s IP address is. However, for some people, it may be a confusing task. There are different methods to find out your printer’s IP address. Read on to find out how you can do it.

Find Your Printer’s IP Address Through Your Computer

First, go to your computer’s Start menu. This can be found on the bottom left side of the screen. Access the control panel. Then, press on “Devices and printers”. Check the printers and faxes section. Your printing machine should be listed there. Right click the printing machine and select “properties”. After that, select “General Tab”. You will be able to see the IP address of your printer machine.

Use the Printer Menu 

You can find your printer’s IP address through the printer menu. Sometimes, the IP address of the printer can also be seen on the central screen. However, if they are not reflected there, you can follow these steps.

Go to the networking setup menu on your printer. Click on “OK”. Then, use the arrow keys to click the current network. After that, you select either “IP” or “TCP”. From there, you should be able to see the IP address of your printer.

Use a Command Prompt 

A command prompt can also help you find the IP address of a printer. First, click the windows key on your computer. After that, type CMD and hit Enter. A box should have appeared. Type the netstat-r and click Enter once more. You should see a list of available printers displayed on your screen. Click on your printer and you will find the IP address of your printer.

Use an Ethernet Port 

A menu option can be found for every printing machine that has an in-built Ethernet port. You will be able to see the IP address of the printer machine from there. Head to the printer’s configuration page to check the printing machine’s IP address. From there, you will be able to see the IP address of the printer you have been looking for.

Use a Router 

Using a router, you will be able to find out the IP address of your printer as well. If your printing machine is connected to the router’s network, you can use it to find the printer’s IP address. First, open a web browser of your choice. On the address bar, key in https// This will redirect you to the log in page of your router. Log into your router account by keying in the username and the password. Look under the local network field and find the DHCP client table. Select your printer model number and follow the instructions displayed. You should be able to find the IP address of your printer.

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