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Desktop Scanners vs scanning on my copier

What is my best option when it comes to scanning documents? Should I invest in a desktop scanners or is my best bet to utilize my all-in-one MFP?

For many years now office equipment vendors have been preaching the value of the all-in-one MFP device to simplify the office. But is this really the right solution for every office? There are many instances where using a desktop scanners can actually increase productivity. Here are a few examples.


Doctors Office/ Medical Institutions:

With all of the new HIPAA laws that have been implemented over the last few years the need to produce and file electronic documents has tripled in the medical community. If a nurse or medical administrator had to leave their desk and scan every time a new patient arrived the work would come to a snail’s pace. The need to scan small sized originals such as driver’s license and medical cards also become problematic. We all know that MFP’s were not designed to handle these types of originals. This makes medical record scanning a perfect situation for desktop scanners.

Automobile Sales:

Think about the amount of paperwork necessary to purchase or lease a new car! The finance mangers are issuing many documents for each transaction, along with those “small” size originals. No customer wants to wait while documents are scanned at a central location. The flow of documents can be better served with the use of desktop scanners allowing the customer to continue the buying process uninterrupted.

Accounting Firms:

Now this one you might think I’m a little crazy, but here is the reasoning. During the height of accounting season most MFP’s are so busy that taking it out of service for even one hour would cause a backlog in work. To try to wait until the end of season push is over to do the scanning would also be a monumental task, so the simple answer is desktop scanners that can be accessed while the returns and other documents are being done. Now understand most accounting software will create an electronic version without the need to print out; however all of the supporting documents (i.e. W2’s, receipts, and invoices) are in hard copy format and need to be filed electronically.

The all-in-one copier/MFP has revolutionized the office workflow and many of our day to day functions have become so efficient that life without them would certainly be more difficult. However, there are circumstances were separating the office equipment also has its benefits. The benefits of having desktop scanners in certain industries will not only be a requirement but also a necessity.

To find out if your business could benefit by using desktop scanners, just give us a shout and we’ll make the necessary assessments.

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