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Customized Service Contracts

customized service contractLet’s begin by taking a look at your output devices (i.e. copiers, MFP’s, printers). There are some very important considerations to take into account before you even start interviewing office equipment vendors.

Service Level Agreement
  1. What is my average monthly volume for all of my copies, prints, and faxes?If you are utilizing color machines be sure to further calculate those numbers too.
  2. What is average fill rate on my pages? More often than not this will be a difficult task for the average user. Today’s equipment will monitor this and be able to report averages when asked.
  3. What do I want included in my customized service contract? Most common nowadays is an all inclusive (parts, labor, and supplies). But is that really the most economical for me? Do I need a toner/ink subscription.
  4. If/When my equipment is in need of service, how long can I be without it until the technician arrives? Not all contacts guarantee a response time!

Now let’s consider Network Computer Equipment.

  1. How many Servers, Workstations, Routers, and Switches do I have on my network, and are there any out of the ordinary devices that need to be included?
  2. Do I want a hardware failure component added to the agreement in case of failure?
  3. Who will be responsible for network security, antivirus, and backups?
  4. Many Managed Network Providers now offer a “self-healing” service which will constantly monitor and repair many network components “on the fly”. Do I need this?
  5. If/When my equipment is in need of service, how long can I be without it until the technician arrives? Not all contacts guarantee a response time! Do I want a remote support or an on-site agreement?

Not all businesses are the same and neither is the office equipment they use. Why should you be forced into a cookie-cutter service contracts for your office equipment? Whether you are looking for maintenance contracts on your Printer Fleet, Office Copiers, or Network Computer Equipment, there should always be a concise plan for these contracts. Too often it seems that companies are dazzled by the pay-one-price philosophy for purchasing these agreements without knowing exactly what they are even paying for? Should the convenience of writing a single check outweigh the sound advise of getting what you really need and paying accordingly?

These are just some of the basic questions that any responsible service provider will either need to know or take the time to at least ask! Knowing the answers and being able to provide them to any prospective vendor will show you are already prepared and understand the process. An educated consumer is always less likely to be taken advantage of and shows you’ve done your homework.

Next, you need to begin to research what office equipment vendors are in your area and how to begin the interview process. We’ll talk about that in another segment, for now click here to learn about our customized service contracts.

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