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Copier Technicians | Who are they?

An insiders look at Copier Technicians

If you have a business that utilizes office equipment chances are you‘ll get to know your copier technicians fairly well in the course of the lifespan of your equipment.


Who are these guys? What do they know? Why do I seem to see them so often?

Copier technicians are qualified repair mechanics that often spend many hours perfecting their craft by attending training classes, online/video courses, and the ever so important real world experience.  Because today’s office equipment is so connected to the network infrastructure not only does your copier technician need to be a quality “break/fix” mechanic, but also needs a degree of computer skills that can handle those issues as well.  The ability to diagnose what the problem is as well as how to make the repairs in a timely fashion truly separate the best of the best. One very special quality that all technicians must possess that is often overlooked is their ability to overcome and calm a customer that is often overly excited. Fix the customer first! By bringing a sense of calm to a negative situation always makes the job that much smoother.

Depending on the amount of time copier technicians have been in the industry will often determine how many machine qualifications they have. Many office equipment dealers sell and service multiple manufacturer lines. Within those lines there are many model numbers and each one requires its own training program. Unlike popular belief, a copier is not a copier! Although the basic process is always the same, how each manufacturer goes about that process varies. As new models and technologies emerge on the market these copier technicians must stay current on their studies making the job a constant learning process.

So, the next question is “if they are so qualified why do I see my copier technicians so often?”

Fair question, but let’s define why in fact they are at your business. Is the reason for the visit because of a breakdown or is it routine maintenance? All office equipment has regular maintenance intervals that require cleaning and parts replacement. Depending on the volume of output you produce and the schedules, you could conceivably require a once a month visit just to maintain your copier. Couple this with the normal breakdowns and you might just see him/her once or twice per month. If you drive your car 3,000 miles per month it would require monthly oil change, no? Would you consider your car “broken” for the sake of an oil change? Of course you wouldn’t!

The next time you have a service call take the time to stop in and say “Hi” to your copier technicians. They love to explain what and why they are at the machine and often a friendly bit of conversation makes the time spent at your business far more enjoyable. A happy technician is always a thorough technician. No one wants to feel uncomfortable and when that is the case it’s easy to understand why they want to get out as fast as possible. Remember they are there to help, not impose. Most copier technicians take great pride in what they do and finding a copier vendor with multiple caring technicians is an unbelievable asset to your company.

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