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Copier MFP Cost per Page

Breaking Down the cost per page of a click charge.

When purchasing a customized service contract for your office copier, much of what determines the cost is the individual components that make up the charges. Here we will attempt to explain the different components that are related to those charges and how they affect your costs.



Consumables are made up of the ink and toner necessary to produce either a Black and White or Color page. As it relates to the click charge, the consumables make up approximately 40% of the charge.

These are the parts that are considered to need replacement through the “normal” wear and tear of the everyday usage of the equipment. Whether the part is worn out or exceeded its valued life expectancy, it’s time to replace. This makes up approximately 20% of the cost.

Labor consists of the actual time spent “on-site” to make either routine, emergency or general cleaning repairs to your office equipment. A qualified and fully trained office technician is an asset to the end user as well as the dealership. Time is money! This makes up about 25% of the charge.

Support Staff
The support staff is a pretty broad range of costs. It includes personnel to answer your calls, ship your supply orders, create an invoice the service contract, and make sure we are always here to answer your questions. This is approximately 10% of the costs.

The office equipment dealer needs to consider the travel to your site to make the necessary repairs. This cost includes auto expenses, gas, tolls, parking directly related to the technician’s vehicle. This is approximately 5% of the cost.


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