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Choosing the Best Printer for your Small Business

Are you looking for the perfect printer for your small business? Here are a few things to consider to help you find the perfect one.


You might think that the printer is obsolete. In our last blog, we discussed the importance of the fax machine and today we will touch on the printer. There are many businesses that require printed documents. Education, legal, and doctors need to have paper documentation.

Keep reading for some tips to find the perfect printer for your office.

  1. Will you be Printing in Color or Black and White?

Color or black and white printing will dictate whether you need an inkjet or laser printer. Documents such as newsletters, brochures, and other marketing materials are usually printed in color, where as text-heavy documents are best served by black and white.

Inkjet printers allow you to use card stock, photo paper and matte finish papers which are great for color photo printing. Color laser printers are not the best for printing photos, but are great for color presentations, charts, spreadsheets, etc.  In addition, laser printers are typically faster printers and are the best printer for double-sided print jobs.

  1. How Much Printing Will you Do?

Some businesses print more than others and there are a couple of things to consider when choosing your printer. Let’s face it, it is a pain to have to reload the paper, especially in the middle of a print job. Choose a printer that has enough paper capacity so you do not have to reload the paper more than once a week. Measure how long it takes you to go through a box (12 reams) or paper. Inkjet printers typically last less than a month, but laser printers can go a month or more between reloads.

  1. Do I need a Multi-function Device?

You need to ask yourself what purpose will this printer serve. Will I only be printing documents or do I also want to copy, scan and fax documents? Since fax machines are still prevalent in many business fields, a multi-function printer may be a requirement. If you just need something to print documents, then a standard printer may be for you. One benefit of a multi-function printer is that you can reduce office space by getting rid of a copier and fax machine.

Hopefully these three questions will help you choose the best printer for your small business. If you need a multi-function printer, color printer or just a black and white printer, be sure to contact us to speak with a knowledgeable team member. As a leading company in copier leasing, printer fleet maintenance, subscriptions for ink, toner, and other consumables, we can help guide you through the decision making process. Contact me today to learn more about our products and and services.

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