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Choosing Between Genuine And Compatible Toners

If your business owns a fleet of printers, you will be aware that toners and other consumables can add up to large costs over time. This is when you may start debating the pros and cons between genuine toners and compatible toners. In this article, we share with you the different kinds of toners available to purchase and the pros and cons of each.


What Different Kinds of Toners Are There?

The two main kinds of toners in the market are genuine and compatible toners. Genuine toners are produced by the same company that manufactured your printer and are designed to fit your specific printer model and the type of paper used. Businesses that choose this option can enjoy peace of mind that there will be not be any unforeseen complications that arise from using genuine toners. However, genuine toners are costlier than compatible toners. 

Compatible toners, as implied by the name, are compatible with your printer model. However, they are manufactured by third-party companies, not the printer manufacturer themselves. You may be wondering if compatible toners are the same as remanufactured or refilled toners. The short answer is no. Remanufactured toners are made out of recycled cartridges that users send in for this purpose, whereas refilled toners are basically the same cartridge you have brought in refilled with toner.

Genuine Toners

The argument for genuine toners is sound: as they are produced by the printer manufacturer themselves, there is no doubt that they will fit perfectly. Furthermore, they provide better printing quality, especially when it comes to images and pictures. In addition, the quality of these printed images is more durable, maintaining their integrity over a longer time. If you are intending to print professional, official-looking documents, genuine toners are your best bet. However, as they can cost quite a bit more than compatible toners, some businesses may look into the latter option for day to day printing of unofficial documents.

Compatible Toners

Compatible toners tend to cost less than genuine toners, which can be a huge plus point for businesses looking to reduce their overhead costs. However, there can be a compromise in quality, especially when it comes to printing images. Today, the situation has improved from previous years, with compatible toners doing the job almost as well as their genuine counterparts. In fact, many third-party manufacturers offer guarantee and refunds for their products should there be any problems. 

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