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Buying a copier online

Should I be buying a copier online?

In this ever changing world more and more people are turning to the internet to buy their office equipment online. Should I be buying my copier online? Believe it or not there was a time when we would pick up the yellow pages, look for a local copier supplier, then pick up the phone and call a vendor. Enter the age of the millennials. Now we just open a web browser, call up our favorite search engine, and enter the vast source of online shopping. While this may seem to be a convenient, no hassle solution to buying a copier, is this really the best way to get the right copier for your business?


Up pops a load of online copier wholesalers. You choose one and find a handful of manufacturers. Now you select one that looks familiar, or perhaps the brand of copier you currently use. You click on it and up pops about 20 different models. This is where an educated consumer needs to make sure they did their homework. You’ll need to be certain the model you choose can handle the workload, and have all the options (accessories) you will need. Beware, that online copier picture loaded with options next to the low price is usually for the stripped down model. Read the fine print especially where it says this option or that option. Oh, and make sure the drum, developer, and toner are included. You’ve narrowed it down, made sure you have all the accessories and supplies and BONUS free shipping. Add to my cart, and check out! Depending on what part of the country you purchased your copier online you should see it in 7-10 business days.

The day is here. A driver shows up to your office and says “I have a copier delivery”. You go outside and there it is a 40 foot tractor trailer with the copier you bought online and all the accessories. Here is where you need to make sure you planned ahead.

  • The driver is just that. They are not there to help you unload the copier you just bought online.
  • How do I get the copier from the street or loading dock into my office?
  • But it’s in boxes, who is going to set it up and make the set up adjustments?
  • Who is going to install it on the network and make sure it is printing and scanning?

Some wholesalers may offer you the services but you really want to make sure whoever is setting up you’re recently purchased online copier, is factory trained to do so. Does that copier wholesaler you bought your copier online from in California, really know the company (or worse yet) person he just hired in NJ?

Sure there are some great deals on the internet. Just make sure you are being business wise and not dollar foolish. Get your internet price if you must, but make sure you call a local vendor and make a side by side comparison. In the end you might find the pricing isn’t so far off. That should help you make a decision of buying a copier online or stay local.

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