Sharp PN-L803C AQUOS BOARD Ameritechnology is proud to announce the new Sharp 80 inch AQUOS BOARD. With all new features, this first in class write board makes your presentations a true interactive experience. Being able to captivate your audience is key. Allowing attendees to participate in the meeting agenda while reinforcing your message and continuing to hold their attention throughout. Here is…

Fax Machine

Is the Fax Machine Dead?

While emails rule the digital landscape, there are millions of people who still use fax machines on a daily basis. The number of purchases may be dwindling, but there is still a need for fax machines in many offices. Keep reading to learn why the fax machine is definitely NOT dead. In 2005 there were…

Buy or Lease

Office Equipment Lease vs Buy

Recently, one of our own resident office technology experts was asked to partake in an interview regarding this question: Office Equipment Lease vs Buy, what is the benefits or downsides of each? Here is how the interview went, maybe you’ll find some useful  information you can utilize prior to entering into your next office equipment lease?…