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Announcing Kyocera Fleet Services for authorized dealers

Kyocera technical services have announced their new cloud based total device management system for their authorized dealer partners. Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS) will revolutionize how authorized dealer technicians will be able to interface with and repair Kyocera hardware devices remotely.

Traditionally, placing a service call has required a customer to call in to place a trouble ticket and a technician would then be scheduled/dispatched to the site to correct the problem. The inherent problem with this is that in many cases the trouble was recorded in “layman’s” terms and by the time the technician arrived to fully diagnoses a return trip was often necessary. With Kyocera Fleet Services a qualified technician can gain access to the troubled unit, be able to run maintenance checks, see the machine logs, and even do some preventative adjustments while at his/her computer. If a dispatch is required, the knowledge gained from access to the KFS system allows for problem resolution on the first trip to the customer site lessening downtime.

Kyocera Fleet Services remote maintenance features include:

A System Manager or Technician can obtain Status Pages, Event Log, Fax Reports, Application Status pages, USB Log, etc. remotely.
Panel screenshot:
A Manager or Technician can remotely capture the device Panel Display to view what the device conditions are at the Customers site.
Remote Restart:
A Remote Restart Command can be sent to the device to power the device OFF/ON to reset it due to an error, etc.
Device settings:
Device settings such as Scan basic and Email SMTP can be remotely changed.
Maintenance mode:
Maintenance mode settings can be viewed and changed remotely, for a Single Device or Multiple Devices of the same model.
Panel note:
Send a custom notification to display on the device Panel to notify users of maintenance activity.
Send file:
A technician can Send a test file remotely to the device for troubleshooting purposes.
Data capture:
Data capture receives and encapsulates print jobs and print activity for the device to aid in troubleshooting.
Firmware upgrade:
Remotely Upgrade single or multiple Device Firmware.

As you can probably tell, having such a valuable tool will not only make your servicing vendors job that much easier, it will greatly reduce downtime and increase productivity.  By not having to send a technician directly to the site for each service call this will reduce the authorized dealer’s bottom line which could mean lower service contract costs for you!

This is yet another example of why finding an authorized dealer to purchase your next office equipment acquisition is the smart choice. The Kyocera Fleet Services program is only available to the authorized channel in an effort to insure the best quality Kyocera service is offered to your business equipment.

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