Ameritechnology is proud to be an approved vendor of COSTARS. The program is designed to provide contracts with competitive pricing and allow members to increase procurement savings and get great value for money via an interactive partnerships. Ameritechnology, an authorized Kyocera and HP copier dealer and IT management service provider, is a trusted vendor for IT hardware.This means that local government members can participate in cooperative buying in office supplies, software, IT hardware, and much more. If you are a COSTAR member, you have direct access to Ameritechnology’s IT products and management solutions while enjoying a more streamlined purchasing process.

COSTARS allows us to work with nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and local schools. In addition, these entities can purchase necessary equipment without having to go through lengthy bidding processes. Ameritechnology is committed to providing the highest quality IT products and services for our valued customers. Our COSTARS contract validates our offerings and helps establish a trusted channel to continue serving more organizations.

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As a qualified vendor in the COSTARS program, it is important to note that eligible non-profits, local government units, and local public procurement units (LPPUs) are welcome to access Ameritechnology’s products and services. Below is a more detailed list of LPPUs who can participate in the COSTARS program:

  • Tax-exempt, nonprofit public health institutions and organizations.
  • Tax-exempt, nonprofit educational institutions and organizations.
  • Nonprofit ambulance, rescue, and fire companies.
  • All public authorities.
  • All school districts and commissions, municipalities, and political subdivisions.

If your organization utilizes public grant funds to procure supplies and services (e.g., construction), you can also access our technology services and products. Do keep in mind that the PA Department of General Services has the right to review the eligibility of applicants on a case-by-case basis.

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