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5 tips when Apple AirPrint doesn’t work | A Quick How to

If you are having trouble printing from your Apple AirPrint device, here is a few tips that might solve the issues.

  1. Make sure the device you are trying to print on is supported by Apple AirPrint. There are many devices that can’t print via this method. Many older devices simply do not have the capability to support this feature. Here is a list of the most common devices that support Apple AirPrint.
  2. It is important that the Apple device is on the same WiFi network as the printer or has supporting hardware that will enable guest printing. Without the proper connection and security privileges Apple AirPrint will be impossible.
  3. Is your Apple devices and/or printer firmware up-to-date? Even though your device is listed as a supported product, many times the feature has been added after the release date of the current firmware versions. It is important to always keep all of your devices current.
  4. The printer you are attempting to print on must be connected directly to the network not a host PC. If you are using a USB connection to connect your printer to a workstation, then you will not be able to utilize Apple AirPrint. The printer must stand alone on the network.
  5. Try resetting the power on your printer. There is always the possibility that the printer is no longer communicating with the network. For whatever reason, the Apple AirPrint printer has decided it no longer wants to communicate. Often a simple reboot and a few minute wait will reinitialize the connection and printing will be back to normal.

As technology continues to evolve and our handheld devices become more sophisticated we will see services such as Apple AirPrint and other apps become a more crucial part of our existence. Making it easier to preform day-to-day tasks and business via our phones is now a part of life as we know it. The manufactures of these devices are quickly learning that if they want market share they’ll need to keep up with the technology and offer the consumer the very best.

5 tips when Apple AirPrint doesn’t work | A Quick How to

Most of the newest Kyocera printing devices are Apple AirPrint capable and can be used as a full featured printer from most handheld units. If you need help setting up Apple AirPrint, please give us a call at 201-258-7300

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