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5 signs you should invest in new office technology

5 signs you should invest in new office technology

  1. Your current equipment requires frequent service and maintenance. – You are not doing yourself any favors by hanging on to that old dinosaur if it requires too much attention. There is certainly a point in time when enough is enough and new office technology is the only choice.
  2. Your employees spend more time agonizing over technology, rather than doing their job.  – Are your employees doing more to avoid your current solution? Finding ways to circumvent rather than apply is a clear signal that maybe it’s time to invest in new office technology?
  3. It’s just outdated! – CD/DVD’s were all the rage in 2000, right! When is the last time you actually committed data to one of these devices? Time to bring your office current with new office technology.
  4. It’s too complicated to use. – When it comes right down to it, if it isn’t easy to use, you’ll find out quickly it will be abandoned. The new office technology takes the human aspect into account by including artificial intelligence workflows to minimize difficult tasks.
  5. I was sold the wrong solution last time. – It happens. Most technology sales people don’t understand the technology they sell, therefore making the solution completely useless. At some point you’ll need to admit defeat and take the hit to your wallet. This time find the right technology partner that knows what questions to ask and put you in the driver’s seat.

The problem…

Why is it that as a business owner or manager we will find every excuse why not to invest in new office technology? Quite frankly, it’s fear of the unknown. Taking the right amount of time to do your due diligence is a real resource waste. Even if you have the resources available! The real problem is being afraid of making the wrong choice and by the time you figure it out, it is too late. You are three months into an implementation that just is not right.


What to do…

How do you make certain you are making the right decision? First, it’s import to spend the most amount of time seeking the advice of a professional partner. Notice I said “partner” and not “salesperson”! When you are talking about making an investment that could impact your day-to-day operations as completely as new office technology, it’s important to find the right PARTNER. The person that could sell ice to an Inuit (PC term for Eskimo), is not your friend. Oh, they’ll do everything in their power to convince you they are, but in reality they are certainly not.

This process should take weeks, if not even months! Don’t let anyone rush you into a decision because the “deal” is about to run out. No good deal is good unless it is actually what you need. Take the time to understand the new office technology and what is out there for the offering. Get more than one opinion. Anyone worth the time of day will certainly understand that you need to make certain of your choice. Ultimately, it is up to you who you decide to trust. Make that person earn your trust and be confident they bring the right qualifications.

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