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4 Reasons To Invest In An Office Copier

It is undeniable that most businesses have to start from somewhere, but this does not mean that not all businesses are fortunate enough to have a huge startup capital. If you are an owner of a small business, chances are that you have a small team of workers. However, if you want to see your business expand and grow, an office copier should be one of the first pieces of equipment that you purchase. It can help to increase levels of productivity and make processes much more efficient as well. If you were to purchase an office copier, you will be able to cope with larger print jobs and even specialized marketing content. Some models even come with cloud storage that make it easier for the users. Essentially, an office copier can help to provide great cost savings and help you to operate efficiently in the long run. 

reasons to invest office copier

Printing in High Volumes

For the standard printers, they can only print approximately 20 pages every minute, holding about a hundred pieces of paper at one go. What this means is that you will require an employee to constantly monitor the progress of the printing and to refill the printer tray with more paper. This reduces the productivity levels and makes for bad time and resource wastage. Some models can print up to 55 pages every minute, holding more than 6,000 sheets of paper. As such, if you are in the rush to print out important documents for your clients, you can rest assured that your copier will get it done in no time.

Cheaper Per Page

The ink and toner cartridges in office copiers can help your business save huge amounts of time by printing paper in the thousands. Conversely, if you were to get a desktop printer, you might find that you will be paying close to a nickel for every page. Using an office printer means that you can cut the cost per page down to less than a cent. Furthermore, if you really want to cut costs, you can opt for a black and white copier as well. Regardless of the situation, having an office printer will help you to save costs as compared to going to expensive print shops. When running a business, it is important to understand that time truly is money. If you can save precious time and resources by getting a copier, then go for it. 

Space Management 

Although business copiers are relatively large in size, it only requires just a few square feet of space. Furthermore, it can be a wise move because owning one means that you will not need to purchase other items such as a dedicated scanner. Oftentimes, space management can be optimized because office copiers can function as a scanner, printer and fax machine at the same time.

Cloud Networking and Faxing 

While you may think that faxing has almost become a thing of the past, it is still being used by many offices all around the world today. This is because it is the most secure way to communicate sensitive information. This will also help when you are dealing with an old-school business partner or client. On the other hand, cloud printing can provide us with a great deal of security when sharing documents.

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